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Man Brings Emotional Support Clown While Being Fired From His Job

Joshua Jack


Man Brings Emotional Support Clown While Being Fired From His Job

A New Zealand man who realized he was going to be fired from his job decided to bring an “emotional support” clown during a meeting with his boss.

Joshua Jack said during an interview with radio show Magick Talk on Friday that he received an email from his agency employer in reference to a meeting to discuss his role in the company. The email noted Jack could bring a person in for emotional support.

“I thought, it’s either a promotion or worse. I thought it was best to bring in a professional — so I paid $200 and hired a clown.”

The news of Jack and his emotional support clown went viral after the New Zealand Herald released a photo of the pair to the public.

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During the meeting, the clown pretended to cry as Jack’s boss handed him his termination paperwork and created a balloon animal to improve the mood. Jack did admit the clown was too distracting at certain times during the meeting.

They were getting a free service and also getting the entertainment from Joe the clown,” It was sort of noisy, making balloon animals, so we did have to tell him to be quiet from time-to-time.”

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Although he was fired from his job, Jack said his bosses at FCB advertising agency found the emotional support clown innovative and brought “spice to the meeting.


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