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Man Builds Bomb Inside Of Restaurant To Prove A Point


Man Builds Bomb Inside Of Restaurant To Prove A Point

An Iowa man was arrested after he built a bomb inside of a Des Moines restaurant. He told police that he built the bomb to prove a point about safety and bomb threats.

Police arrested 40-year-old Ivory Washington last Tuesday night after he made a homemade hand grenade at the Akebono restaurant. According to Sgt.Paul Parizek, Washington’s bomb could have injured people within a 25-foot-radius and killed others within a 10-foot-radius. Washington explained to police that he made the bomb in public because he wanted to prove a point about bomb threats and safety.

“he is extremely frustrated with our world today and believes that people don’t take these types of threats seriously.”

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Parizek added that Washington wanted to construct the device in public and hoped that someone would alert the authorities about the homemade explosive. Restaurant owner Nam Tran told police that he noticed Washington acting strangely while he sat in the restaurant.

“(He would) go to the electric outlet and plug in some device, a phone jack or something, and go up to the bar a few times and ask to throw some trash away.”

Tran further stated that Washington would get up and sit at different tables. Washington called the police about the bomb and reported it as a fake explosive. However, when a bomb squad arrived at the scene, they reported that the bomb was real.

“We tested it to see it if would explode. It did,”

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Washington was charged with possession of an explosive and is being held in lieu of a $25,000 cash-only bail.

Source: WSLS 

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