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Man Busted For Selling “Catnip Cocktail” Used To Get People High 

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Man Busted For Selling “Catnip Cocktail” Used To Get People High 

A man was selling a drug used to sedate cats as a way for people to get high!

RELATED: Couple Arrested For Selling Drugs Through DIY Drive-Thru Window Outside Of Their Mobile Home reports police arrested a New Jersey man Thursday accused of selling “Catnip Cocktail” to people looking to get a massive high. The search of a Nutrition Zone store led to the arrest of 48-year-old John Sirico who was selling the drug. Cops found 61 bottles of the drug, 29 bottles of human growth hormone, drug mixing agents, along with seven high-capacity handgun and rifle magazines.

“It seems quite suspicious to me that an individual looking for something to sedate a cat with would come to a Nutrition Zone and not a veterinarian, to purchase a product that wasn’t even advertised or on display for the public to see,” Fairfield police Chief Anthony G. Manna said in a statement.

Authorities first suspected something was going on in July of 2018 when someone called 911 for a man who was dancing, yelling and “acting abnormally” outside a hair salon in the same strip mall as Nutrition Zone.

“When officers found the individual involved, he was allegedly having a variety of mood swings to including being very friendly one moment, then being confused and angry the next,” the chief said.

In another case of the kitty drug, police said they stopped a car that was reportedly driving erratically and found the driver extremely “confused and unaware of his surroundings.” Officers found many bottles of the Catnip Cocktail in his car and he was charged with driving under the influence. Just last week, police had to revive an unresponsive man outside of a gym with a bottle of Catnip Cocktail, per the department. According to police, when the drug is consumed by humans it becomes similar to GHB.

“This is a very dangerous product and it appears its improper use is on the rise,” Manna said.

“In executing today’s search warrant, the Fairfield Police Department has sent a clear message that we will do whatever we can to assure that Catnip Cocktail does not become the next drug fad,” he added.

Sirico, who is listed as the store manager on the Nutrition Zone website, was sent to Essex County Jail.

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