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Man Charged With Keeping Great White Shark As A Trophy Illegally


Man Charged With Keeping Great White Shark As A Trophy Illegally

A California man has been hit with multiple charges after he captured a Great White Shark and kept it illegally as a trophy.

CBS News reports 21-year-old Bodi Dee Roberts was arrested and charged with the unlawful taking of a shark without a permit, prohibited possession of game, waste of fish and withholding documentation. On January 5, Roberts allegedly captured the marine animal unlawfully without a permit and kept it. As a result, the animal rapidly deteriorated.

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The action led to Roberts arrest and he is set to be arraigned on Friday. He also faces six months in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted.

A similar incident happened last year in San Antonio, Texas when a group of three people removed a female horn shark from its tank and placed it in a stroller. The shark was contained inside of a makeshift tank. The suspects were arrested and charged with felony theft.

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Meanwhile, learn some facts about sharks in the video below.


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