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Man Chokes Airbnb Tenant To Death Over Unpaid $149



Man Chokes Airbnb Tenant To Death Over Unpaid $149

An Australian man admitted to killing an Airbnb guest Monday over unpaid funds!

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Jason Colten pleaded not guilty to murder in the Victoria state Supreme Court but then admitted to manslaughter in Ramis Jonuzi’s 2017 death. Colton would face up to 20 years in prison if the jury accepts the death as manslaughter.

Jonuzi was subletting a room in a Melbourne home from Colten while he was a tenant as well. Jonuzi originally rented the room for three nights on Airbnb but ended up staying another week for AU$210. But things soon went downhill. The rent wasn’t paid by the end of the month and Colten became angry. According to prosecutor Mark Gibson, he threw Jonuzi against a wall, choked him with his forearm and punched him unconscious.

The Airbnb host also forced Junuzi to show he had less than AU$10 in his bank account. Gibson told the court that Colten choked and compressed Jonuzui’s neck in order to stop his breathing. However, Colton told police he only wanted to subdue Jonuzi so he would pass out. The trial will continue Tuesday.

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