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Man Claiming To Be Promoter & Influencer Charged With Raping Multiple People In Los Angeles


Man Claiming To Be Promoter & Influencer Charged With Raping Multiple People In Los Angeles

Police are searching for other victims in the case of an alleged social media influencer who is accused of raping women.

Omar Talley who is a self-proclaimed social media influencer, model, and nightclub promoter, has been arrested for allegedly luring women into his home and raping them.

KTLA reports that Talley was charged with three counts of rape with multiple victims, two counts of oral copulation and a count of forcible acts of sexual penetration, according to a Los Angeles Police Department news release.

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Originally from New Jersey, Tally was frequent at the clubs in Hollywood and West Hollywood area. He would aim to become friends with women who were in their early 20’s which would allow him to gain their trust and friendship.

LAPD. Detective Wes Potter has been referring to the areas that Tally was spotted at as his “hunting ground,” adding that the suspect is “personable” and “comfortable approaching women.”

Talley’s game was to call a ride-sharing service to the club to take himself and a woman to his home or an “after-party.” That’s where the sexual assault would happen.

An investigation revealed that Talley forced the woman to perform sexual acts, physically assaulted her and spoke degrading words to her during the attack, police said.

Authorities allege that Talley, who was deemed a “predator,” would appear charming just before trying to have sex with his victims, then would change his demeanor and force the sexual acts against the victims’ will.

Talley was arrested July 11 and charged on July 15. He is currently being held on $1.6 million bail and is due in court on Friday.

LAPD officials released a photo of Talley and are asking the public to reach out to Detective Wes Potter at 818-374-7714, or Detective Katherine Gosser at 818-374-7717 If they have any more information.

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They have also released a number for anyone who is wishing to remain anonymous can call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

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