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Man Commits Suicide On His Daughter’s Wedding Day By Blowing Up His House



Man Commits Suicide On His Daughter’s Wedding Day By Blowing Up His House

A Pennsylvania man died of an apparent suicide after he blew up his home on his daughter’s wedding day.

KDKA reports witnesses saw the man standing outside of his home in Edgewood moments before the explosion around 2:30 pm Saturday. Edgewood police and emergency responders said the Pittsburgh resident was unaccounted while they tried to contain the fire that engulfed the wreckage for hours. Edgewood Police Chief Robert Payne said in a press conference that the man had some domestic issues relating to mental illness.

‘This gentleman apparently had some personal issues and we’ve had information from neighbors that would indicate that there’s a great potential here that he would have blown the house up. It looks like he may have been able to disconnect the gas line itself in the basement of the house and of course it wouldn’t take much but a spark to explode the house after that.’

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Most of the family were out at the wedding when the explosion happened. Payne added that the house had no gas issues prior to the blast. Officers also confirmed his identity but refused to release his information to the public.

 ‘We’ve been here before, we know who this gentleman is, and I’ll leave it at that.’

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Residents who lived a few blocks from the explosion were asked to evacuate after a bomb squad was brought in to investigate the deceased’s car. The only item found was a cellphone on the dashboard.

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