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Man Contracts HIV Despite Taking PrEp Pill

ABC Australia


Man Contracts HIV Despite Taking PrEp Pill

An Australian man says he still contracted HIV despite taking the PrEp pill, a pre-exposure prophylaxis medication that requires the user to take per day to prevent the virus.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports 27-year-old Steven Spencer tested positive for HIV back in December although he took the PrEp before and after his sexual encounters. He stated during that interview that he was shocked by the diagnosis.

“I was in complete shock, as were my doctors.What happened to me doesn’t change the fact that PrEP is still the most powerful HIV preventative we have ever had,”

Spencer started treatment after his diagnosis and within six weeks, his viral load was undetectable which meant the virus cannot be transmitted during sex.

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Regardless of the diagnosis, Spencer does not want the public to be opposed to taking the medication and still encourages people to use it due to its effectiveness. His case happened to be rare since the pill is 99 percent effective.

“I can acknowledge why people would be fearful of this or have concerns for themselves or their loves ones.I’m maybe a little unlucky, but that’s how the cookie crumbles and I am not angry at all, I don’t hold a grudge.”

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Clinical adviser, Dr. Russell advises that patients should consult with their doctors about taking the medication appropriately and effectively.

“Taking PrEP only around the time of sexual events allows for fewer tablets to be taken overall, resulting in less exposure to medication, potentially fewer side-effects, and lower costs,”

Watch the video below to learn more about the medication.


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