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Man Dies While Getting Liposuction In The Dominican Republic


Man Dies While Getting Liposuction In The Dominican Republic

A Manhattan man is dead after he flew to the Dominican Republic to have a liposuction procedure.

According to the New York Post, 28-year-old Manuel Nuñez died after getting a third liposuction procedure on Tuesday. His mother, Teresa de Jesus Batista stated during an interview that she begged him not to get the procedure done since he did it twice. The young man scheduled his third appointment at the Caribbean Plastic Surgery  Clinic in Santo Domingo, where he had his two procedures done.

During the procedure, Nuñez went into respiratory failure and couldn’t be saved. His mother also revealed that the doctor who performed the surgery, Dr.Oscar Polanco, was a licensed gynecologist.

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Polanco has experienced legal trouble as well since he was jailed for three months after three women died at the Body Weight Loss and Aesthetic Institute in 2015. He was also ordered to pay the families $2 million Dominican pesos.

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Nuñez worked at the Mamajuana Cafe in Washington Heights and his coworkers held a vigil in his memory.

Press play to learn more about the case in the video below.


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