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Man Discovers A Stranger Moved Into His Home With Her Children

Fox Carolina/ Union Police Dept.


Man Discovers A Stranger Moved Into His Home With Her Children

A South Carolina man arrived at his home Wednesday to find a woman and her two children living in his house.

Fox Carolina reports Kent Foster of Union, arrived at his home when he noticed he was unable to open the front door. After pushing the door open, Foster heard voices in the house and contacted 911. He said his furniture was moved around, a dog urinated on his floor, and smelled cigarettes. Foster added that the woman asked him ‘Can I help you?’ after he pushed in the front door.

“When she opens the door, the first thing she says is, ‘Can I help you?’ Yeah, the first thing you can do is leave my house,”

Police identified the woman as Savannah Rhinehart and said that she told them she lived in Foster’s home. Rhinehart and her children also wore clothing that belonged to Foster and his wife.

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A neighbor told police she noticed one of the children running outside without any clothing.

“He was dressed from here up. But naked from here down. No diaper, nothing.”

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The children were placed in DSS emergency protective custody and police took Rhinehart to undergo a mental health evaluation. Rhinehart was charged with child neglect, burglary, and larceny.

Check out the video to learn more other weird cases of strangers living in other people’s homes.



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