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Man Donates One Of His Testicles To His Twin Brother Who Was Born With None


Man Donates One Of His Testicles To His Twin Brother Who Was Born With None

A Serbian man who was born with no testicles received one from his identical twin brother so his hormone levels can be regulated and he could possibly start a family.

The Daily Mail reports the 36-year-old twin brothers underwent a six-hour surgery earlier this week in Serbia. A team of surgeons removed one testicle from the brother born with two testicles and transplanted it to the twin who was born with none. It is very rare for men to be born without testicles and the procedure is considered unethical since most donors are usually deceased. Since both men carry identical DNA and are living, the transplant was approved.

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Although his newly transplanted testicle will help the man regulate his hormones, he won’t be able to reproduce sexually. Doctors say his sperm can be stored and used via in-vitro fertilization. Urologist Dr. Dicken Ko said the unidentified man’s testosterone levels increased after the surgery.

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‘He’s good, he looks good, his brother looks good,’

They are expected to be discharged from the hospital by the weekend.

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