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Man Fakes His Death On Facebook To Con His Family For Cash


Man Fakes His Death On Facebook To Con His Family For Cash

Man Fakes His Death On Facebook To Con His Family For Cash

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According to the NY Post, a Thai man and his wife scammed thousands of dollars from friends and family members after posting fake photos of his “dead body” on Facebook.  Tachawit Janngiw stuck cotton up his nose and laid on the floor with his mouth open while his wife took photos.  The wife convinced her Facebook feed she was a grieving widow with her caption.

“Last photo before deactivating his Facebook. Love you,” she wrote adding that he died from cancer and asthma.

Confused friends and family members questioned the sudden passing noting that he had not previously displayed any symptoms.  She explained her husband had “pretended he was okay all along,” the Coconuts Bangkok website reported.

Tachawit’s wife reached out to his mother to let her know they were unable to afford a hearse or coffin.  The family wired $600 and attempted to assist with the funeral preparations.

The family realized something was wrong when the “dead body” never showed up to the temple where the funeral was being held.  Unfortunately for Tachawit, he forgot to disable his cell phone number.  His cousin called and Tachawit picked up.  Realizing his mistake, he quickly hung up but it was too late.

News of Tachawit’s scam went viral and the local news contacted his mother for a statement.

“[Tachawit’s wife] said she didn’t have money to prepare the body, so I sent her money on that same day.”

Although the family lost nearly $2,000 arranging the funeral plans, Tachawit’s mother has forgiven her son.  He didn’t fare so well with his friends.  Apparently, Tachawit is well known for his lying and scheming ways and this was the last straw.  A former classmate had some harsh words for the scammer.

“You b—–d, we regret going to school with you. We are hurt by this. Don’t ever let me see you again. Go to h–l.”

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Take a look at a similar incident that made headlines a few years ago in the video below.


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