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Man Falls To His Death While Trying To Fix His Apartment Window

New York Daily News


Man Falls To His Death While Trying To Fix His Apartment Window

A Manhattan man fell to his death while attempting to fix the window of his 12th-floor apartment.

According to the New York Post,Michael Courtian, 55, was fixing the screen of a living room window while standing on a chair. He slid and fell out of the apartment on East 87th Street and Third Avenue.The tragic incident took place around 9:45 a.m. as his wife and others witnessed in horror. Construction worker Humberto Vargas,45, said his boss immediately attempted to help Courtian when he slammed onto the pavement.

“I saw him standing out the window. My boss helped [a] cop give him CPR.”

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Witnesses say Courtian was unconscious and not breathing.

“At one point I saw his lips were purple”

A neighbor added that Courtian was a father of two daughters. The girls were reportedly in school when he fell to his death.

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He was then transported Metropolitan Hospital Center and subsequently pronounced dead moments upon his arrival.

Check out the video below for a similar case


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