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Man Fired After Complaining About Receiving BBQ Sauce As A Company Gift


Man Fired After Complaining About Receiving BBQ Sauce As A Company Gift

A Toronto man said he was fired from a multi-million dollar company after complaining on Twitter for receiving a $6 bottle of barbeque sauce for Christmas.

According to the Daily Mail, Hussein Mehaidli was fired from his position as a general manager for the construction company Fastenal after he went to Twitter to complain about his holiday gift. However, Mehaildli tweeted his complaints from an anonymous account and said the US employees receive a gift box containing sweets and goodies every holiday.

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What kind of multi billion-dollar company gifts it’s Canadian employees barbecue sauce as a holiday gift? Yet the USA employees stuff their face with an actual holiday gift box!’

Afterward, he uploaded a photo of himself with the bottle and accidentally tagged his company in the photo.

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‘I felt I gave this company so much and I felt really disrespected when I was given barbecue sauce as a holiday gift.’

A supervisor from the company called him the following day and addressed Mehaidli by his anonymous Twitter name. He was fired on December 30 for ‘violation of standards of conduct policy.’

‘Money is an issue. ‘I’m a very heavy believer in God and everything happens for a reason, but I believe I was done very, very dirty.’

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