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Man Forced To Pay Child Support Despite DNA Tests Saying He’s Not The Father

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Man Forced To Pay Child Support Despite DNA Tests Saying He’s Not The Father

A Florida man says he is forced to pay child support despite DNA tests proving that he is not the child’s biological father.

The Daily Mail reports Joseph Sinawa discovered that he was not the father of his child after a visit to a courthouse in St. Augustine to receive visitation rights but was ordered by a judge to take a paternity test. Unfortunately, Sinawa was devastated after learning that he was not the child’s biological father.

‘At the time it had been taking $83 out of my paycheck, more than 1/3 of my pay. When I thought I was the father I didn’t have a problem with it.’

During his second appearance in court, the judge ordered to terminate future child support payments but the Florida Department of Revenue denied the decision, forcing Sinawa to continue making child support payments.

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The child’s mother said during the hearing that she is okay with Sinawa’s attempt to stop making child support payments.

‘She told the judge she just wants this to be done and over with, and so do I.’

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Sinawa’s case is the first in the state as told by St. Augustine Attorney Brandon Beardsley. He says the state’s appeal will fail based on evidence.

 ‘It was a waste of Florida taxpayer resources to appeal a decision when the end result is going to be the same.’

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