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Man Goes On Rampage With A Pencil While High On LSD



Man Goes On Rampage With A Pencil While High On LSD

Man Goes On Rampage With A Pencil While High On LSD

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A man in California went on an LSD-fueled rampage where he attacked eight people with a pencil and drove a car into a rental home.

Betai Koffi, 32, was hospitalized in critical condition after being shot by the police following his LSD trip. He is reported to be a YouTube engineer.

KTVU reports that Koffi faces six felonies, including carjacking, multiple assaults, and two counts of attempted murder.

“LSD, acid, is not very common but it’s a very dangerous drug to use,” said Sonoma County Sheriff’s Sgt Spencer Crum. “We’re really lucky that none of those victims died in this, really lucky.”

Apparently, Koffi and his friends had rented a holiday home in Bodega Bay and the group decided to take LSD. For some reason Koffi took way more than his friends and began to trip out and attack the group.

He reportedly stabbed a man with a pencil before choking another man and punching a third man in the face. He then left and crashed his rental car in the home. His rampage continued as he stole a security guard’s car and began to run people over.

When police finally approached him he began to violently head towards them, and that is when officers fired at him.

“If this guy had kept going who knows what he could have done to other people,” Crum added. “He was just blatantly just going after people, driving after them.”

The department is currently investigating the shooting and Bodycam footage will also be released.

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