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Man Kills His Ex-Girlfriend So “No One Else Can Have Her”

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Man Kills His Ex-Girlfriend So “No One Else Can Have Her”

A Maine man was arrested earlier this week after he killed his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend. He did the deed so “no one else can have her.”

The New York Post reports Mark Penley, 49 was arrested and booked for the murder of Heather Bickford and Dana Hill. The couple was found inside of Bickford’s apartment in South Paris on New Year’s Day after Penley called 911. When officers arrived at the home, they found Penley holding Bickford’s baby with her daughters sitting on the couch.

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Police also found a baseball bat inside of the apartment and a medical examiner concluded that Penley shot the couple to death. Before Bickford’s death, she wanted to see a judge because Penley continued to follow her after she broke off the relationship.

In July, Penley approached the couple’s home and told another ex-girlfriend that he had the opportunity to kill them while he watched them sleeping for 20 minutes.

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The couple’s bodies were found after Penley contacted the police around 8:30 p.m. and Bickford was holding a .22-caliber in her right hand. Penley initially denied that he murdered the couple despite police finding .22 caliber bullets inside of his vehicle.

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Source: New York Post

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