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Man Kills His Wife After Accusing Her Of Cheating On Facebook



Man Kills His Wife After Accusing Her Of Cheating On Facebook

A Florida man killed his wife of 33 years in their home and attempted to take his own life in front of their two grandchildren a week after he accused his wife of cheating on Facebook.

According to the Daily Mail, Eddie Harris allegedly shot and killed his high school sweetheart, Shanica Harris, inside of their Liberty home on Saturday. Last week, Harris posted subliminal statuses about his wife possibly cheating on him. Before her death, Shanica thanked her husband for buying a new silver Mercedes Benz but complained about the color.  On the day of the murder, Eddie posted on Facebook that Shanica brought one of her boyfriend’s to their home

‘Shanica Harris got them trying to kill me’.   

Friends and family told the Daily Mail that the couple had been together since they were 15 and shared five children and multiple grandchildren.

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Miami-Dade police said in a statement that Eddie Harris had a rifle in his hand when he had a stand-off against SWAT officers. The two children who witnessed their grandmother’s death were aged six and nine and were escorted out of the home by Special Response Team members. The children were unharmed. Upon entering the home, investigators found Shanica’s body and Eddie suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after his stand off with police.

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Eddie was transported to the Jackson Memorial Hospital Ryder Trauma Center for treatment. It was unclear about his condition. Shanica’s sister, Thomasina Goddard, said Harris was very controlling and endangered the safety of his grandchildren.

‘He barricaded himself in the house and kept my sister at blood death, with my grandniece and grandnephew in the house. My sister was the sweetest girl you would’ve know. She worked very hard for her kids and family’

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