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Police Discover Man Who Lived With His Mother’s Corpse For Four Months

China Press


Police Discover Man Who Lived With His Mother’s Corpse For Four Months

A man from Tangkak, China lived with his mother’s corpse for four months after she passed away in January.

According to World Of Buzz, the man’s cousin attempted to visit her aunt back in April but he prevented her from entering the home. When she went back to visit the home, the unidentified man told her that his mother passed away on January 13. The woman immediately notified police about the situation. Police arrived to the scene Thursday, they noticed the corpse sitting on a chair and reported that no wounds were found.

The man told police that his father passed away in an accident a few years ago and started living with his 85-year-old mother. His mother suddenly passed away after she ate a meal and he said he decided not to report to police out of fear of being arrested.

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Local reports stated that a nieghbor smelled a strong odor coming from the woman’s home but assumed it was urine or feces. Her body was transported to the morgue of Hospital Tangkak for an official autopsy report and investigation. Since police stated that the death was mostly likely due to natural causes, the man will not be arrested.

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Press play to learn more about a similar case where a man was sued by his sister for living with their mother’s corpse for six months.


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