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Man Owes $5,400 In Unpaid Tolls After Using Device To Hide His License Plate

New York Daily News


Man Owes $5,400 In Unpaid Tolls After Using Device To Hide His License Plate

A Texas man was caught by police after he used a “license plate flipper” to avoid paying tolls. 

The New York Daily News reports Preston Cody Talbot ordered a “license plate flipper” to avoid paying tolls. The device flips the license plate at 180° to show a different license plate. Only the driver has access to control the device with a simple push of a button. 

However the website where Talbot may have ordered the device warned users not to use it when driving on the road. It is mostly used for car shows, advertisements and the company says it should not be used for illegal use.

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“Like the previous examples, you can consider this as a novelty item much like the rest. We don’t condone illegal use and encourage you to use this in a legal and respectful manner as to not ruin it for everyone else. Don’t give the government a reason to ban a cool product. Let’s stay cool.”

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Talbot was pulled over when police noticed he did not pay for his toll. He was promptly arrested when officers discovered he used the license plate flipper to avoid the tolls. He currently owes $5,400 in tolls since the arrest.


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