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Man Pays $930 For Two ‘iPhones,” But What He Received Was A Major Scam


Man Pays $930 For Two ‘iPhones,” But What He Received Was A Major Scam

When you try to be cheap and buy an iPhone from an app, the likelihood of you getting exactly what you wanted is literally 50/50 as this man found out! 

A Memphis man thought he was going to receive two Apple phones, the iPhone X and the iPhone 8, that he spent $930 on.

However, when his package arrived, he was in for a major surprise because his $930 was literally flipped into boxes and scraps.

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Instead of finding the phone he had paid for, the man found that one box contained rocks and the other contained a lock, according to Fox 13.

He initially found the phones for sale on the popular reselling app Letgo. The seller is a user named “Quincy,” who initially agreed to sell the phones for $930.

That is a low price given the original price tag for two phones. The iPhone X starts at $999 while the iPhone 8 starts at $699, both for the lowest gigabyte size.

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After the man found out that he had been scammed, he was unable to find who took his money.

Just before the release of the iPhone X, thieves in San Francisco stole over 300 of the devices from a delivery truck. The phones were worth about $375,000, according to CNET.

Take a look at the iPhones below!

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