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Man Punched And Killed His Two-Week-Old Son Because He Was “Frustrated”

Daily Mail


Man Punched And Killed His Two-Week-Old Son Because He Was “Frustrated”

An Arkansas father was arrested last week after he punched his newborn son in the head. The punch instantly killed the infant.

According to the Daily Mail, Mark Lewis,40, was arrested in connection to his son’s death. The infant was under Lewis’ care while his mother remained in the hospital dealing with birth complications. After punching the infant in the head, Lewis fled the scene and left his son’s dead body inside of the Prairie Grove apartment. The infant’s mother arrived home two days after her son’s death and discovered his lifeless body.

After he fled the scene, police stopped Lewis after obtaining a traffic warrant. Lewis told police that he allegedly did not have a cellphone and had no one to help him take care of the infant so he punched him in the head out of frustration.

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Police also reported that the baby was born healthy and did not suffer any other injuries.

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Lewis was charged with first-degree murder is currently being held on a $500,000 bond at the Washington County Detention Center.


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