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Man Punches McDonald’s Workers Over Wrong Order

Smoking Gun


Man Punches McDonald’s Workers Over Wrong Order

Man Punches McDonald’s Workers Over Wrong Order

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Working in fast-food seems to be a dangerous job these days. Whether it’s being attacked over a Popeyes sandwich or socked in the face for getting an order wrong, it’s just not safe!

According to the Smoking Gun, two McDonald’s workers were assaulted by a deranged customer who said they got his order wong.

Police report that Victor Jimmy Castro placed an order at a McDonald’s inside a Walmart Supercenter in Layton, Salt Lake City, and left with his food.

However, Castro, 28, later returned to the  McDonald’s and went behind the counter to punch a male employee numerous times. He then moved onto the restaurant’s kitchen where he hit another employee in the face.

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The entire incident was caught on tape and witnesses said they heard Castro scream, “You got my order wrong.”

Following the bizarre incident, Castro was arrested que sent to Davis County jail where he faced multiple charges of assault and battery.

Luckily, the employees were not seriously injured.

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