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Man Receives $980,000 Tax Refund After Reporting $18,497 In Wages

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Man Receives $980,000 Tax Refund After Reporting $18,497 In Wages

Man Receives $980,000 Tax Refund After Reporting $18,497 In Wages

Here’s something you don’t hear everyday. A man who thought he hit the jackpot after the IRS sent him a refund check for $980,000 is now in some serious trouble.

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Ramon Christopher Blanchett, of Tampa, Florida, and self-described freelancer, managed to snag a $980,000 tax refund after submitting his self-prepared 2016 tax return. He allegedly claimed that he earned a total of $18,497 in wages and that he had withheld $1 million in income taxes, according to a Jan. 18 forfeiture complaint filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Blanchett actually received $2,098 in wages from one employer and $1,399 from another employer.

It was also said that he withheld no federal income taxes from either, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said in the filing. Although the massive refund check made it in his hands, the taxman is reportedly taking steps to get the money back. So far, Uncle Sam has managed to seize $919,251 from three bank accounts and a 2016 silver Lexus RC registered in Blanchett’s name.

As of right now, Blanchett has not been charged with a federal crime. However, he does have a long criminal history and it just might make it worse when it comes time to pay the consequence.

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