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Man Sets Himself And Girlfriend On Fire In Murder-Suicide

Photo Source: New York Daily News


Man Sets Himself And Girlfriend On Fire In Murder-Suicide

A Bronx man who often fought with his girlfriend set her and himself on fire Saturday afternoon.

The New York Daily News reports the horrific murder-suicide took place on Adams Place around 1:15 p.m. in the Belmont section of the Bronx. The couple was taken to St.Barnabas Hospital shortly afterward but the man died upon arrival. His girlfriend died overnight and a third victim, a man in his 50s, was injured in the blaze.

The woman’s neighbor, Moussa Banba, said she was a friendly and good person. She stated she heard fighting coming from the apartment but never witnessed it personally. A close friend of the man said he purchased a lighter and was running errands before the deadly murder-suicide:

“Usually he does this and it takes him about a minute to come back downstairs. But it was like 15 minutes, so I thought, ‘Oh, they’re arguing again,’ “

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“I heard them yelling and screaming inside, but it sounded like it always does when they fight. I didn’t think this time was any different. I was sitting in the car and I got out to go upstairs to get him. Then all these people were outside the building and saying, ‘Yo, that’s your boy. Your boy’s on the floor.’ ”

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The friend added that the man showed no signs of distress or anger before the blaze.

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