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Man Shoots And Kills His Sister For Unfriending Him On Facebook


Man Shoots And Kills His Sister For Unfriending Him On Facebook

An Alaska man was arrested after he allegedly shot and killed his sister for unfriending him on Facebook.

According to Heavy, the shooting occurred on Thanksgiving Day where the suspect, Moses Crowe, arrived at the home around 10 a.m. His grandmother told Anchorage Police that Crowe came in and started ranting about someone taking his dog. She made a comment saying that he “cared more about the dog than his own children” and Crowe targeted his sister, Amanda Owen, shortly after. He told his grandmother that he was angry about the victim unfriending him on Facebook.

Crowe pulled a Glock pistol from his pocket and pointed it directly at his sister’s head. After he fired the gun, the 23-year-old victim fell to the ground with her infant son her lap. Owen was transported to a local hospital but she died less than two hours after her arrival.

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Crowe was arrested hours later and he explained that the gun “accidentally” went off while he was twirling the weapon. He was charged with second-degree murder and his bond is set for $500,000.

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