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Man Shot To Death While Paying For Meals At Waffle House


Man Shot To Death While Paying For Meals At Waffle House

A Florida man was shot and killed over the weekend while he was giving out 20 dollars and paid for meals at a local Waffle House.

According to Fox 35 Orlando, 41-year-old Craig Brewer was shot and killed early Sunday morning at a Waffle House in Gainsville. Police reported that Brewer paid for some meals and gave out 20 dollars to customers before the shooting occurred. Allegedly, a woman confronted Brewer for not paying for her meal and the two started to argue with each other.

Her partner, Ezekiel Hicks, approached Brewer during the argument then left the restaurant to pick up his 9mm Glock pistol. The 25-year-old approached Brewer again and started to attack him physically until he pulled out his weapon and fired multiple shots into Brewer.

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Authorities immediately arrested Hicks since they were already on their way to Waffle House. Reportedly, employees complained to 911 that too many customers were overcrowding the restaurant.

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During his arrest, Hicks confessed to shooting Brewer and Brewer was pronounced dead at the scene. Hicks faces first-degree murder and unlicensed firearm charges.


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