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Man Threatens To Shoot App Company ‘Las Vegas’ Style After Closing His Account


Man Threatens To Shoot App Company ‘Las Vegas’ Style After Closing His Account

A New York man has been arrested after threatening to carry-out a ‘Las Vegas’ style shoot out an app company because they closed down his account.

According to reports, Victor Casillas, 34, was taken into custody Tuesday night in midtown Manhattan and is set to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon.

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Criminal complaint records revealed that Casillas started threatening the Denver-based app company, Ibotta, he was extorting for closing his account.

Casillas joined Ibotta in 2014 and cashed out on dozens of referrals. However, the app company later found out that Casillas was opening multiple accounts under different emails and canceled his account and offered up $40 to end the matter.

Reportedly, Casillas continued to set up fake accounts and the company closed his accounts indefinitely in September.

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After being shut down, Casillas began sending threatening letters to the company and demanding a payout.

Casillas sent pictures of heavy duty weapons including a submachine gun equipped with a silencer and two MAC-11 submachine guns.

In the letter, Casillas told Ibotta employees to start picking out their caskets and contact family members.

“Please tell loved ones to start picking out a nice beautiful casket and plan a decent funeral,’ he threatened in one email. His final email was sent on October 4, three days after the Las Vegas shooting.  GET READY FOR A LAS VEGAS REPEAT (Final Warning),” stating “I I STILL HAVE NOT RECIEVED MY GOD DAM FLTNDS…..A**HOLES. . . WELL GET READY 4 LAS VEGaspart2 ….MAYBE TODAY YOU WILL MEET YOU MAKER.”

Law enforcement was able to track Casillas back to New York City using his IP address GPS location.  Casillas could spend up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

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