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Man Wakes Up To His Penis Being Chopped Off After A Night Out

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Man Wakes Up To His Penis Being Chopped Off After A Night Out

A man from China woke up to discover that his penis had been chopped off after a night out with a group of friends.

Metro UK reports 44-year-old Tan Nan of Hunan was drinking heavily with a group of friends and fell asleep as a result. Nan suddenly woke up the next day after feeling a sharp pain and noticed that his penis was hanging by ‘a bit of skin’. He took himself to several hospitals due to bleeding heavily but was turned down since they told him they were unable to perform emergency surgery.

He was finally treated by medical officials at the Changsha Hospital. 

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Doctors reported that his penis was successfully reattached after a seven hour surgery. It is unclear if he will be able to urinate or perform sexually after the surgery but reportedly the blood flow around his penis is working well.

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