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Man Walked 351 Miles To Have Sex With Teen Who Turned Out To Be An Undercover Cop

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Man Walked 351 Miles To Have Sex With Teen Who Turned Out To Be An Undercover Cop

An Indiana man who is listed as a convicted pedophile walked 351 miles to have sex with a 14-year-old. The teen was actually an undercover cop.

According to the New York Post, 32-year-old Tommy Lee Jenkins began to have sexually explicit conversations with a teen named “Kylee” who was actually an undercover cop in Wisconsin. Jenkins asked the teen to send him nude photographs and begged her to come to his home in Whitestown, Indiana for sex. After she refused the offer, Jenkins made the long journey to visit the teen in the town of Neenah and sent messages throughout his walk from Indiana.

However, Jenkins was in for a surprise when he encountered deputies and an FBI agent at “Kylee’s” home.

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He was charged with using a computer to engage a minor to perform in unlawful sexual activity and faces ten years in prison if convicted in court. Authorities also reported that Jenkins told “Kylee” that he wanted to have 500 kids with her.

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Jenkins has two prior convictions in 2011 for sexually abusing two boys and was sentenced to four years probation along with a 360-day jail sentence.



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