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Man Who Posed As Cop Shoots Woman In Face At Walgreens

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Man Who Posed As Cop Shoots Woman In Face At Walgreens

Man Who Posed As Cop Shoots Woman In Face At Walgreens

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Sircie Varnado, a 46-year-old black mother of five was shot in the face and killed over a shoplifting dispute at a Walgreens in Chicago.

Varnado, whose family described as disabled, was shopping at the store when the night manager accused her of shoplifting feminine hygiene products. He then called a friend to come and confront the woman.

Witnesses report that an unidentified man came into the store and identified himself as a police officer to Varnado.

ABC 7 Chicago reports that two began to argue and the fight turned physical. However, the mother of five fought back which led the man to shoot her in the face before making an escape. Varnado was transported to Mt. Sinai Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Police have said that the man has no connection to law enforcement. Walgreens also said they do not have a security guard at that location.

Police are apparently communicating with the suspect through his lawyer, however, they have not identified him to the public.

“There are many ways he could have apprehended her without shooting her in the face,” said her sister Maria Reed. “He could have Tased her, he could have subdued her, hold her down, even pepper sprayed her, at least she would have been alive.”

Walgreens issued a statement that read, “We are committed to providing a safe environment for our employees, patients, and customers in the communities we serve.”

“I want to know why didn’t the manager call police instead of this wannabe security guard,” Reed added.

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