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Man With Down’s Syndrome Shot To Death By Police For Holding A Toy Gun


Man With Down’s Syndrome Shot To Death By Police For Holding A Toy Gun

Four Swedish police officers shot and killed a man with Down’s syndrome while he was holding a toy gun in Stockholm.

The BBC reports the officers fired multiple shots at 20-year-old Eric Torell after responding to a call about a man in possession of a gun in the Vasatan district around 4:00 a.m. Thursday. Three officers confronted Eric then ordered him to let go of the toy gun but shot him because he “failed” to comply and acted in a threatening manner. Hours before the shooting, Torell was reported missing after leaving his home and was reportedly showing his toy gun to people in the neighborhood.

His mother, Katarina Söderberg, said Eric was severely disabled and was only able to say the word “mum” since his speech was very limited. He was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome and autism. She added that the toy gun was a gift and the toy resembled a ‘”submachine gun”.

‘We are furious because of their lying and making up things. “A threatening man?” He’s like a three-year-old.’

‘It’s impossible to understand. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. He’s the kindest person in the world.’

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Torell was transported to a local hospital and was pronounced dead at 5:45 a.m after succumbing to his injuries.

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Katarina said Eric would frequently run away from home but would be found or returned back to his home. The shooting has prompted an investigation of police misconduct.

Image Source: BBC

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