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Man With No Arms Stabs Tourist With A Pair Of Scissors


Man With No Arms Stabs Tourist With A Pair Of Scissors

A Florida man with no arms was arrested Tuesday after he stabbed a tourist with a pair of scissors.

According to the New York Daily News, Miami police arrested 46-year-old Jonathan Crenshaw for stabbing Cesar Coronado,22, after midnight. Crenshaw is well known in South Beach for painting canvases with his feet on the strip. The stabbing occurred when Crenshaw was laying down when suddenly Coronado punched him in the head.

Crenshaw stabbed the Chicago native in the arm with a pair of scissors twice and fled the scene.

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Coronado’s friend reported that he and Coronado were asking for directions when Crenshaw jumped up and stabbed him with the scissors. Coronado was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Crenshaw claimed self-defense since the young man punched him in the head randomly. He has a prior conviction from 2014, where he was in jail for 180 days on charges of felony battery on a police officer.

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He was charged and booked on a charge of battery and his bail is set for $7,500.

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