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Marijuana Breathalyzers Hitting Streets In 2020



Marijuana Breathalyzers Hitting Streets In 2020

Marijuana Breathalyzers Hitting Streets In 2020

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If you like to light up a few blunts while driving, you might want to think twice because Marijuana breathalyzers are reportedly hitting the streets in 2020.

Drivers who are suspected to be high may face the same consequences as those who drive drunk.

According to the Fresno Bee, Hound Labs have developed a marijuana breathalyzer test that is similar to current ones testing for alcohol consumption and they can tell whether someone is high up to three hours after smoking.

Current statistics show that 14.8 million Americans have used marijuana within an hour of starting a car.

Police also feel that the product could help them on the field.

“We have something right now called PBT which is used for alcohol, but it would be the same process we use to make a judgment to see if the driver is impaired by marijuana and to what level their impairment would be,” says Ofc. Patrick Hogan of Salisbury Police.

It could also help employers find out if their staff came to work high! The new tests are reportedly going into effect in 2020.

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