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Mass Grave With Over 400 Islamic State Victims Found In Iraq


Mass Grave With Over 400 Islamic State Victims Found In Iraq

Iraqi forces have found the site of a mass grave containing the remains of over 400 victims of the Islamic State group.

The horrific grave site was found near the former jihadist border of Hawija. They found mass graves containing at least 400 suspected Islamic State group victims.

The string of horrific discoveries were made at a military base about two miles from the city that the jihadists “turned into an execution ground”, said Kirkuk governor Rakan Said.

“Not less than 400 people were executed,” he said, adding that some were clad in the uniform of prisoners condemned to death while others wore civilian clothing.

The Islamic state group was forced out of Hawija by military forces in October.

As government troops have advanced across Iraq they have uncovered dozens of other mass graves holding hundreds of bodies in areas that fell under the jihadists’ ruling.

Saad Abbas, a farmer from the area, told AFP that during the three years of IS control the group’s fighters could be seen “driving around in cars with their prisoners”.

“They would shoot them and then throw them to the ground or burn their bodies,” Abbas said.

These horrific ordeals have been ongoing for years.

Take a look at these other horrific mass graves.

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