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McClure Twins’ Mom Reveals Husband Isn’t Their Father After Racist Tweets Resurface


McClure Twins’ Mom Reveals Husband Isn’t Their Father After Racist Tweets Resurface

McClure Twins Mom Reveals Husband Isn’t Father After Racist Tweets Resurface

Social media can’t get enough of the adorable twins but this time they aren’t in the spotlight.

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The McClure twins Twitter account used to serve a different purpose.  It was used as their father’s, Justin McClure, old comedy account.  He caused controversy after a string of his racist tweets, like “Black woman would name their child ‘Allergies’”, resurfaced.  Justin has apologized for the tweets but insists that he is not racist.

The backlash prompted the twins’ mother, Ami McClure, to release a video to shed light on the situation.

“Justin and I met after the girls were born,” Ami continued. “They were a little over a year old. Justin adopted the girls. He is their dad, he’s the only dad they’ve known and he will be the only dad they’ve ever known,” she explains in the video above. reported that the girl’s biological father is a white man named Jeffrey Pestka

“In 2012, I married a man I knew I should never have married and finding out that I was pregnant with the girls is what gave me the courage to get out of that relationship, because I knew I couldn’t bring children into a toxic and abusive environment,” she said. “So I did my best as a mother to not allow my mistakes to affect my children.”

Ami McClure and Jeffrey Pestka at their engagement party in 2012

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The jury is still out on whether this will affect the McClure family’s Youtube fame in the long run.

Take a look at some of the controversial tweets that started the backlash.

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