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McDonalds Customer Slaps Pregnant Manager After Making Her McChicken The Wrong Way


McDonalds Customer Slaps Pregnant Manager After Making Her McChicken The Wrong Way

A Connecticut woman was arrested for attacking a pregnant McDonald’s manager because her McChicken sandwich was “made the wrong way.”

According to The New York Daily News, Shanella Hanson,21, is facing assault charges after she attacked a pregnant McDonald’s manager last Friday around 7:45 p.m. Hanson pulled up to the drive-thru window last Friday and made her order at the local McDonald’s. When she realized that her order was made wrong, she entered the restaurant and was given a refund but demanded that the employees remake her sandwich.

Hanson went behind the counter to “make the food” but she was stopped by the pregnant manager. The woman told her that she was given a refund but she was not allowed behind the counter. Hanson proceeded to slap and attack her.

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A male employee tried to stop the altercation but he was punched in the face and other employees tried to warn Hanson that the victim was pregnant. Police reported that the victim is 29 weeks.

“After we were separated, she told me she had bail money and didn’t care I was pregnant,” the manager told police. “She hoped I lost my child.”

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Hanson was charged with assault and breach of peace. During her arrest, Hanson told police that a McChicken sandwich usually comes with lettuce and mayonnaise. She was bailed out on a $5,000 bond and is expected to appear in court on June 13.

Press play to learn more about a fight that also involved a McChicken sandwich in the clip below.


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