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McDonald’s Customers Who Hung Fake Poster In Restaurant Receives $25K

Fox News


McDonald’s Customers Who Hung Fake Poster In Restaurant Receives $25K

Two McDonald customers went viral after they hung a fake poster up without anyone noticing. The chain restaurant thought the joke was worth $25,000.

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According to Fox News, two gentlemen out in Pearland, Texas, were awarded for their prank with a big payout from the fast-food chain. Jehv Maravilla, 21, and his friend Christian Toledo, 25, placed the poster on the restaurant’s wall after noticing the lack of Asian representation in their marketing materials.

“We were eating McDonald’s one day and we looked around and saw there were posters around that didn’t have any Asians,” said Maravilla. “They had other races but no Asians so we felt like it was our duty to put ourselves up there.”

The pair came up with a master plan to buy old McDonald’s uniforms from Goodwill and create fake badges. The two were worried they would get in trouble, but surprisingly, the sign remained unnoticed for 51 days.

Eventually, they took to Twitter to post about their prank.

It didn’t take long before the post went viral. The pair were on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” when they found out McDonald’s wants more Asian-American representation in their marketing. The food company reported they will feature both Maravilla and Toledo in an upcoming campaign. The two were also given $25,000 for their participation in the promotion.

As for the picture, it was removed due to renovations. However, it will be auctioned off and the proceeds will be donated to charity.

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Click play below to see the two pranksters on Ellen!


Image: Fox News

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