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McDonalds Manager Stabs Man During A Brawl


McDonalds Manager Stabs Man During A Brawl

A McDonalds manager stabbed a man in Washington, after he was attacked by a group of 5 people.

According to police, the manager had asked the man and his friends to leave the restaurant at around 2:30 p.m., however, they refused.

Witnesses report that the group began shouting and attacking the manager, battering him with punches and kicks as employees and customers looked on.

“He was basically attacked by the group,” said Doug Jenkins, the Des Moines Police Commander.

“They punched him, they kicked him, they dragged him down.

At this point the restaurant manager brandished a pocket knife and stabbed one of the attackers in the chest.

Officers arrived shortly after. The injured man was taken to the Harborview Medical Center in Des Moines. His condition is unknown. The manager suffered from minor cuts and bruises.

Since the incident the management of the Des Moines, Washington McDonalds released a statement saying,


“The safety of our customers and our people is of the upmost [sic] importance. This is now a police matter and we ask that all questions are differed to local law enforcement.”


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