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These Beauty Influencer’s Will Have You Feeling Confident And Inspired


These Beauty Influencer’s Will Have You Feeling Confident And Inspired

With so much pressure from society to keep up with beauty standards, a group of women come together to fight against the grain.

Tubefilter’s ‘Going Out of Style: Challenging Beauty Norms’  features Kristin Chirico, Senior Editor at BuzzFeed & Cast Member of BuzzFeed’s, Ladylike, Chrystina Woody Train, Brand and Influencer Marketing Expert for Clients: BeautyCon Media, StyleHaul, Real Techniques, VidCon. Jasmine Brown, YouTube Beauty Personality, and Olivia Saperstein  Manager, Talent & Development at HISSYFIT.

The informative panel was moderated by Tubefilter founder, Drew Baldwin.

The women discuss an array of topics, from how to develop an online brand to how influencer’s can challenge one-dimensional beauty norms and create more relatable content for viewers.

The ladies also talked about the importance of finding self-worth and confidence within versus seeking validation through social media.

“If you continue to seek validation externally, it will be this never ending cycle. You have to find it within yourself or you’ll never find it,” Chrystina said.

The ladies continued the discussion with how to deal with Internet ‘trolls’ and haters when an online independent influencer is developing a brand.

I’m going to tell you what my brother told me, ‘if you ain’t got haters you ain’t poppin,'” Jasmine said to the crowd.

“I used to respond to comments on my videos, now I just scroll through them and be like, ‘ok, but you don’t know me’ and just ignore them, that’s how I deal with internet trolls.”

These ladies stress the importance of female branding and empowerment, which left the crowd more motivated and enthused for all things beauty and social.

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