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Meet Sesame Street’s New Muppet With Autism!


Meet Sesame Street’s New Muppet With Autism!

Apparently, Sesame Street has a new resident who has orange hair and a cute love for her toy rabbit. The newest muppet is a girl named Julia, who also has autism.

Julia has been a part of the “Sesame Street” family, but only in the storybooks. However, by popular demand, the decision was made to add her character to the TV series.

On Sunday evening, viewers got to meet her during a 60 Minutes segment.

One of the show’s writers, Christine Ferraro, told 60 Minutes, “I think the big discussion right at the start was, “How do we do this? How do we talk about autism?”

Joan Ganz Cooney, one of the founders of the Children’s Television Workshop, who developed Sesame Street, stated that the series has not been afraid to deal with the real life issues we all go through, including the death of a beloved character, Mr. Hooper, in 1983.

Cooney expressed, “Sesame Street has always dealt with the real.”

Moreover, in Julia’s debut episode, it will deal with what autism can look like. It will display the brain disorder can make it difficult for them to communicate with and relate to others around them.

Ferraro hopes that, along with educating viewers about autism, the new character will settle in as a regular part of the neighborhood.

Ultimately, Ferraro expressed, “I would love her to be not Julia, the kid on Sesame Street who has autism, I would like her to be just Julia.”

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