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Meghan Markle’s Half-Brother Arrested For DUI


Meghan Markle’s Half-Brother Arrested For DUI

Meghan Markle’s Half Brother Arrested For DUI

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Looks like Meghan Markle just can’t catch a break. While the Duchess of Sussex is trying to enjoy her new life as a married woman and a mom-to-be, family drama just keeps coming her way.

In addition to the drama with her father Thomas Markle, her half-brother has gotten into some trouble himself! According to TMZ her brother who is also named Thomas was arrested Friday for driving under the influence of alcohol. The 52-year-old was driving by Oregon State Police when police stopped him at 1:33 AM and took him into custody for impaired driving.

He was given a sobriety test and cops say his impairment was obvious. They also say he was visibly intoxicated and blew a .11.  After her arrest, Thomas was taken to the Grants Pass Sobering Center. His Chevy Silverado was impounded, TMZ reports.

Thomas has had legal problems in the past. Back in January of 2017, he was arrested for holding a gun to his girlfriend’s head during a drunken fight. Meghan Markle does not have a close relationship with Thomas so we’re sure she won’t address this latest situation.

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