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Meghan Markle’s Bodyguard Has Quit After Six Months On The Job

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Meghan Markle’s Bodyguard Has Quit After Six Months On The Job

Meghan Markle’s Bodyguard Has Quit After Six Months On The Job

As sweet and easy going as Meghan Markle may seem, apparently it’s really hard to work for her. According to The Sunday Times, Meghan Markle’s female bodyguard has resigned after just six months on the job. The exact reason for her departure is still unclear. However, sources say she found Markle’s desire to still live like a civilian “challenging.”

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The woman, whose name has not been released for security purposes, was reportedly very well respected in London police circles. Sources say it became hard to do her duties while trying to please and respect the Sussex of Duchess.

“Unlike someone who has grown up in the Royal Family and has been used to close protection from an early age, having it can be quite constraining,” the source said. “Even though she was a famous actress, she could still do what she wanted in the way of getting around freely. But in her current role she can’t go anywhere without her protection team and that’s a massive constraining force on an individual like her.”

This is not the first person that has departed from Markle’s staff. In December of last year, Markle’s personal assistant Melissa Touabti quit her job for unknown reasons, as did her private secretary, Samantha Cohen, who left in November. They all signed an NDA so we may never know all the details on why they decided to leave.

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