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Meghan Markle’s Makeup Mishap Leaves Fan Saying He Will Never Wash His Jacket



Meghan Markle’s Makeup Mishap Leaves Fan Saying He Will Never Wash His Jacket

Meghan Markle may have left a royal fan with a little bit of a mess on his Military jacket.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are currently out in the field visiting British military vets.

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While there, just like any other royal event, the couple greeted all those who came out to see them which included many of the vets.

Markle who wears a very minimal amount of makeup happened to hug a vet leaving a small piece of her on his jacket.

Royal reporter Rebecca English was able to talk to one of the vets asking about his encounter with Markle as she left a small makeup smudge on him.

“And here is D-Day veteran William Allen – a remarkable man who celebrates his 100th birthday next month,” she tweeted. “Meghan hugged and kissed him, leaving a little make-up smudge on his jacket. ‘I’m never washing that!’ he said.”

Meghan who is often spotted with makeup while out and about on royal engagements actually does her makeup herself.

“She just likes doing her own makeup,” a source said earlier this year. “It has nothing to do with Kate. Meghan has her makeup done for some special occasions but likes to do it herself.”

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So who knows if she would have got it was done professionally would it be the same case?

Take a look at the tweet below and let us know what you think!

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