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Mel B Planning To Move To UK With Daughter

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Mel B Planning To Move To UK With Daughter

Mel B Planning To Move To The UK With Daughter

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Mel B wants to move back to her childhood home in Leeds, England with her daughter Madison Belafonte.

The Blast reports that new court documents show that Mel B is requesting to change her custody agreement for her 8-year-old daughter Madison Belafonte. In the current agreement between her and Stephen Belafonte, Mel has primary custody and Stephen gets overnight custody on Wednesdays and weekends. However, Stephen isn’t going to be too fond of Mel’s plans to move Madison from California to Leeds.

“As the court is well aware, my marriage to Stephen was unhealthy. I was subjected to years of verbal and sexual abuse by Stephen, which included his active isolation of my daughters and me (including Madison) from my home and family in the United Kingdom.”

Mel adds that her visa is almost expired and she cannot find steady work in the U.S since her contract with “America’s got talent“ ended.

“My United States Visa expires in February 2020. I will not be permitted to work or live in the United States after that point. During my marriage to Stephen, we lived in Los Angeles, where I worked. However, all of my sources of income in the United States have been ll exhausted. My contract on the show, America’s Got Talent ended in September of 201 8 after several years of my participation. I have not had steady income in the U.S. for over a year.”

She adds that she already has gigs in the U.K such as a job on the television show, “Celebrity Juice.”

Mel has concerns about Madison sating in California with Stephen because she fears that Madison will not want to spend time with her. She also notes that Stephen has a medical condition where he suffers from seizures and it could be detrimental to Madison.

A judge has yet to rule on Mel’s requests.

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