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Mexico Judge Approves Recreational Cocaine Use For 2 People



Mexico Judge Approves Recreational Cocaine Use For 2 People

Could recreational cocaine use be the next legal drug? For two residents of Mexico, it is!

In the US, there are still states that have not allowed the use of recreational marijuana usage, but in Mexico, a judge has agreed to allow two people to use cocaine recreationally.

The judge ruled that the two people could “possess, transport, and use” cocaine but not sell it. However, CNN reports that a higher court pannel would have to also approve of this move before the two unnamed people would be granted this privilege.

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Those who are in agreement with the judge say that this agreement with the two individuals would allow them to live a life os nostalgia.

As for Cofepris, Mexico’s health regulator, they disagree.  According to AFP, the rep said that authorization of this kind is “outside its remit” and that the court order would be blocked.

The Mexico United Against Crime (MUCD) organization has been seeking to end the country’s “war on drugs” and is called the ruling a “historic step”.

Overall, the MUCD is rooting for this case to be approved as they are looking to steer the conversation about recreational drugs further.

As of now, there has been no word on how they will regulate the cocaine usage of these two individuals nor has there been no word on how they will obtain this substance.

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As more news comes out we will keep you updated.

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