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Miami Heat Suspend Dion Waiters After An Alleged Weed Edibles Meltdown



Miami Heat Suspend Dion Waiters After An Alleged Weed Edibles Meltdown

Dion Waiters just found out the hard way that weed edibles and the NBA do not go together!

Whether you consume it or not, everyone knows the side effects of edibles. Well, Miami Heat shooting guard Dion Waiters just found out that it also affects your paycheck.

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Sources say that while on a charter flight heading to Los Angeles, Waiters decided to eat a marijuana-laced gummy. Witnesses on the plane said that Waiters had a severe panic attack. It reportedly got so bad that he was considered to be a serious danger to his entire team.

“We are very disappointed in Dion’s actions this season that include the very scary situation on Thursday night, and grateful that the outcome wasn’t worse” the Heat said in a formal statement.

According to ESPN, Waiters will be suspended for a total of 10 games due to the incident. There has also  been talk about trading Waiters due to his “problematic ways.”

It’s being estimated that this incident will result in a major loss of about 1.2 million dollars in bonuses due to stipulations in his contract that require him to be available to play a certain amount of games in the season.

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This is not the first time that Waiters has been in the public eye for some type of emotional situation. Earlier this month, he was suspended for a social media post about his role on the team which was considered behavior detrimental to the team.

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