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Michael Costello Says He Will Dress Bebe Rexha After Various Designers Say Shes Too Big


Michael Costello Says He Will Dress Bebe Rexha After Various Designers Say Shes Too Big

Designer Michael Costello has stepped up to the plate offering to dress Bebe Rexah after she was turned down by other designers.

Over the years, the luxury fashion industry has taken thousands of “L’s” as they show a major sense of selectiveness when it comes to dressing celebrities.

Well, seems like they have taken yet another “L” and possibly the first of many for 2019 as designers refuse to dress Bebe Rexah for the Grammys.

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However, Michael Costello who says he is really good friends with Rexah is offering to dress her!

In a recent interview with TMZ, Costello talks about other designers who have “fat shamed” not only Rexah but many celebrities.

‘I don’t blame her for being upset, I’ve been friends with Bebe for a really long time, I’m sad that she didn’t call me first because I would have said yes.

‘But I still offer to dress Bebe. I’m going to get bashed for saying this but, I’m with her. F**k those other designers who only want to dress the size two girls or the girls who are presenting or the nominees.’

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Costello who of course takes major pride in his brand spoke about his own efforts when it comes to diversity and inclusivity in fashion.

‘I started off dressing housewives, d-list celebrities, reality stars and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great stylists who took notice to my career and took a chance on me so it’s the same thing” He says.

“They need to take a chance on Bebe. Not just because she’s a size eight. She’s a beautiful woman, she’s curvy, super talented, very down-to-earth, and I like her.’

As of now, there is no word on if Bebe has accepted Costello’s offer to dress her!

Take a look at his interview below and let us know what you think!

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