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Missouri Passes Bill That Bans Abortion After 8 Weeks

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Missouri Passes Bill That Bans Abortion After 8 Weeks

Missouri Passes Bill That Bans Abortion After 8 Weeks

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Missouri just became the latest state to pass a bill that bans abortion after eight weeks with the exception of medical emergencies. However, if a woman is a victim of rape or incest, she still will not be able to get the procedure.

Republican Gov. Mike Parson will most likely  sign the bill as he is very pro-life.

“Until the day that we no longer have abortions in this country, I will never waiver in the fight for life,” he said during a rally on Wednesday.

The bill which has passed in the House by 110 to 44, says that doctors who perform an abortion after the eight-week line could face up to 15 years in prison. However, the Women who receive the procedure will not be criminally punished.

“Laundry, bleach, acid bitter, concoction, knitting needles, bicycle spokes, ballpoint pens, jumping from the top of the stairs or the roof,” Democratic Rep. Sarah Unsicker said. “These are ways that women around the world who don’t have access to legal abortions perform their own.”

A total of 3,903 abortions were performed in Missouri in 2017. Many women will not have access to a clinic if the bill goes into effect.

As we reported, Alabama and Georgia recently passed strict abortion bills that ban the procedure under all costs. However, they have not yet taken effect.

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Source: NBC NEWS

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