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Models In Fyre Festival Promo Video Face Subpoenas



Models In Fyre Festival Promo Video Face Subpoenas

The models who were a part of the infamous Fyre Festival are being dragged into lawsuits linked to the convicted organizer Billy McFarland.

Following the release of the Netflix original film, “Fyre The Greatest Party That Never Happened” new lawsuits are hitting surfacing.

On Friday, the trustee overseeing the bankruptcy of Fyre Media asked a judge for a new round of subpoenas for the models and social media influencers who helped promote the festival.

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It’s being revealed that the agencies that represented Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin may be forced to give details related to the payments that they received from Billy McFarland. These payments are said to be in the range of $1.2 million.

Kendall Jenner’s name has also been mentioned in the lawsuits as she allegedly received a subpoena because she was paid $250,000.

At the top of the year, a judge signed subpoenas for various talent agencies who may have information about  $1.4 million that was expected to be paid for artists to perform.

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One of the issues that came up in the documentary focused on the models advertising for the festival. During and after the promotion shoot for the Fyre, models took to their social media to promote the event. However, the situation gets tricky as the models and influencers never actually said they were being paid to post on their pages. This prompted a warning from the Federal Trade Commission about disclosure rules for sponsored posts on social media.

As of now, there has been no word on if any of the models have officially appeared in court. Take a look at one of the influencers sharing their story below!

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